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Papa Roach’s ‘Born for Greatness’ gets EDM treatment from Cymek via ‘Greatest Hits Compilation Vol.2’

It’s been over 20 years since Papa Roach broke international charts worldwide with their monumental release “Last Resort” and have even inspired remixes from notable EDM artists such as Kayzo. Today, Papa Roach releases Greatest Hits Vol.2, showcasing memorable hits from their discography as well as introducing an official remix of “Born for Greatness” by an unknown and relatively obscure EDM artist by the name of Cymek. For context, Kayzo was the last and only EDM artist to gain access to remix one of Papa Roach’s biggest tracks – and with “Born for Greatness” sitting closely at the top – we can’t help but wonder: “Who or what is Cymek?”

“We’re not nameless, we’re not faceless

We were born for greatness”

Papa Roach – Born for Greatness (Cymek Remix)

With a combination of low-growling wobbles and basslines, Cymek tastefully contrasts the original vocals and theme of Papa Roach’s track in a way for that will have both Nu Metal and EDM audiences connect by headbanging. While we may not know much about this emerging talent, it’s clear Cymek is walking the road less traveled by merging unexpected genres together, and if he(or she?) continues to execute properly – this new music project may very well be born for greatness.

Papa Roach – Born for Greatness (Cymek Remix)

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