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Electric Forest officially postpones to 2022: ‘We must balance our optimism with realism’

Photo credit: ALIVE Coverage.

After the shocking news of EDC Las Vegas’ postponement to October, another Insomniac-hosted event has just released news of another postponement. Due to the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, the Electric Forest HQ has just taken to their social accounts to postpone the annual Rothsbury event to 2022.

The details provided were vague, although the politics surrounding the new UK virus variant spreading in Michigan currently have lead many in the Forest Family to believe this may be the cause. The Forest Family has taken the news in great pain since the latest festival-related news from Forest HQ was that the Rothsbury town council had approved 2021 dates back in January.

“While we all miss each other tremendously and can’t wait to connect again, the safety of the Forest Family and the community that hosts us remains of utmost importance. This must be kept front of mind, along with the meticulous planning and coordination required to coordinate and produce our time together each summer in Rothbury, Electric Forest said in a statement posted to their website earlier today.

We must balance our optimism with realism – and we must respect the process in place, the efforts underway, and the sacrifices we’ve all made over the last year in an effort to keep each other safe.

– Electric Forest HQ

Electric Forest 2022 dates will be announced once Forest HQ has better clarity of the situation in the state of Michigan. In the meantime, Forest 2021 ticketholders can either retain their wristbands and lodging passes for summer 2022, or submit for a refund (which includes additional fees). Anyone who purchased tickets will be contacted via email in the coming days and will have fourteen days from the receipt of the email to respond with their choices. The deadline to respond to this request is May 10, 2021 at 11:59pm ET.

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