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Polish electronica artist EMAZE opens an internal dialogue on self-titled debut album

Poland-born, Manchester-based artist EMAZE takes his stage name from the concept of living in an emotional maze. His sound calls on influences like Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Nine Inch Nails, and more, except with an electronic twist. Now the veteran producer has released his debut self-titled album that seeks to open an internal dialogue with himself.

Facing the depths of who he is and where he has come from and expressing this journey with heavy electronic sounds that blend trip-hop with alternative electronica. The writing process began in Manchester six years ago and was concluded in Exaudium Studios in Bristol. His creative process was always accompanied by the intention of making the 11-tracker work into a full-length album, according to EMAZE in a press release. Speaking about the new album, EMAZE said the following:

 “I recorded Emaze simply because there was a sound trapped in my head. It needed to be freed.” 


Hoping that listeners can interpret this album in a positive manner despite its dark undertones, EMAZE wants his fans to find the remedy for their problems within their own hearts.

Mainly crafting his music with Ableton, EMAZE also plays the bass as a member of two other projects releasing dark ambient and noise (King Pavulon & Trauma Queen, and Collapse Syndrome. He’s also got another solo project by the name of An.S.V., which is focused on exploring the world of ambient and noise as one. With this newest electronica project, EMAZE wishes to create something different: minimal music with a heavy beat and weighty bass lines. His new self-titled album opens a completely new side of the EMAZE creative force. Listen to the entire LP below!


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