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Rezz - Nightmare on Rezz Street 2

Rezz releases visceral audio-visual mixtape, ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street 2’

Right in time for spooky season festivities, Rezz has bestowed upon the world her highly-anticipated “Nightmare on Rezz Street 2” mixtape with 12 brand new IDs. Out now on her brand new record label, HypnoVizion, the mixtape is accompanied by a chilling audio-visual experience.

Rezz teased what to expect from the release last week, but no one could have been prepared for the visceral digital animation journey that Rezz takes fans on in the A/V accompaniment. Rezz elaborated on her “Nightmare on Rezz Street 2” mixtape further, saying,

This kind of project has been the most fun for me throughout my career. ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’ is a 30 minute mix of unreleased music that I may not have ever released otherwise. I create the songs with zero expectation, other than to finish each one. This is my second time creating this audio/visual cohesive mix, and it brings me back to when I first started making music & the freedom that comes with just putting music out for fun on the internet without any major concise plans.


Watch the audio-visual “Nightmare On Rezz Street 2” mix below, out now via HypnoVizion. Also, be sure to check out Rezz Rocks this weekend, October 27-28. Tickets are available here.

Rezz – Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 (Audio/Visual)

Rezz – Nightmare on Rezz Street 2

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