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A Hundred Drums - Scream ft. MAE B [MFR0041]

A Hundred Drums enlists vocalist MAE B for seductive MorFlo Records debut, ‘Scream’

Featured photo: Paxton Connors.

A Hundred Drums has quickly made a name for herself in the bass music scene and as a regular face on the Deadbeats label. Following the release of “Deep Space,” A Hundred Drums takes a moment of departure from her imprint to be welcomed into Mersiv‘s world. The hotly rising star now brings a mesmerizing and introspective journey to MorFlo Records with her newest single, “Scream.”

The collaborative track features ethereal and entrancing vocals from MAE B, uniting both artists’ talents in an elegant synergy that guides the listener through an immersive auditory experience. Known for incorporating hand drums with 140bpm deep dubstep, A Hundred Drums chooses to put forth a vocal-led track that highlights the sultry lyricism of MAE B. It’s a choice that refuses to go unnoticed and entices listeners to go deep into the track’s tantalizing low-tempo builds, pulsating drops, and gorgeous vocals.

Always one to showcase authentic gratitude, A Hundred Drums says the following about the track:

“It’s always an interesting journey with music making and releasing. From the moment you start a tune to the moment it’s out in the world for everyone to hear. It’s like, sharing what was once intimate and just for me, with everyone else. A piece of me is out there.

– A Hundred Drums

Stream A Hundred Drums and MAE B’s “Scream,” out now on MorFlo, below.

A Hundred Drums – Scream ft. MAE B [MFR0041]

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