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Josh Teed x Shanghai Doom - Ancient Illusions

Josh Teed teams up with Shanghai Doom on Gravitas heater, ‘Ancient Illusions’

Violinist and production virtuoso Josh Teed has long possessed a propensity toward greatness. We’ve followed the 25-year-old producer since before his founding of Taiga Collective, also shortlisting him as one of our 2022 Artists to Watch, so it’s always great to take stalk of his artistic leaps. Now the multi-talented artist shares his highly anticipated collaboration with Shanghai Doom, titled “Ancient Illusions,” which also previews his forthcoming album, Recurring Dreams.

The forthcoming LP will be out December 2 on Gravitas Recordings, a perfect place to house Teed’s signature sound. The eight-track album expects to see Teed’s live instrumentation, blended with his heavy bass production, showcased from front to back. “Ancient Illusions” continues along with this epic instrumentation while keeping the album’s heavier tone teasing large wubs and bass. Shanghai Doom are a perfect (albeit completely unexpected) pairing with Teed on the track as they drop in their aggressive bass and huge synths to make it the upcoming LP’s heaviest track bar none.

Josh Teed aims to push the envelope and break the seams between bass music and live instrumentation, blending the two effortlessly to take listeners on a tangible, palpable journey through an eclectic variety of soundscapes and grooves. “Ancient Illusions” provides a purview into what to expect from Teed’s forthcoming Gravitas album, so be sure to stream the track below!

Josh Teed x Shanghai Doom – Ancient Illusions

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