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MollyNFT - Lost in the Mind

Intriguing virtual artist MollyNFT releases two-track techno EP, ‘Lost in the Mind’

These days, there is a distinctly unique kind of masked producer emerging from the world of EDM: The VR artist. MollyNFT is among these singular virtual NFT identities. Conceived as a “journey through a virtual world dedicated to music within the vast digital metaverse,” in the words of the project curator, the alias was founded in 2022 with the intention of becoming a key figurehead in defining virtual artists’ role in the modern music industry. Now MollyNFT releases a two-track EP, Lost In The Mind, that touches down into the underground techno warehouse territory.

The eponymous title track “Lost In The Mind,” is a pulsating, synth-driven ride through an electronica landscape drenched in a range of elements typical of the techno genre; deep, powerful synth bass layered with a plethora of melodically intertwined arpeggiators, an incessantly head-bopping drum track which fleshes out the dense sonic soundscape. Drawing inspiration from, “a new era in entertainment & communications,” Lost In The Mind is a remarkable EP that is the first in a newly emerging, uncharted musical territory of NFT artists – a certified club anthem guaranteed to be taking over dance floors across the world. 

MollyNFT is an entirely new ‘Web3 ecosystem’ whose arrival on the music scene brings in the new age of artists. As described by her creator,

“[T]he project is a new creative moment revolutionizing 3D NFT art, modernizing and pioneering the first ever NFT backed virtual DJ; one of the main elements that have drawn us to this project, is we are trying to bring the metaverses to real life rather than real life into the digital metaverses.”

The rise of NFTs in the past few years has enabled the Non-Fungible Tokens to find their way into every walk of life including the music industry now with Molly NFT. Despite being founded relatively recently in 2022, she is paving the way for the future of 3D concept visuals – a forefront and key figurehead in defining virtual artists’ role in the modern music industry. 

MollyNFT – Lost in the Mind

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