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DEENTR serves up yet another Techno banger with latest single 'Ocean Tides'

South African techno artist DEENTR winds down huge emergent year with latest single, ‘Ocean Tides’

Featured photo courtesy of DEENTR/Facebook.

Zimbabwean-born, South African-based artist DEENTR is relentless. As a relatively newer name in the US techno scene—at least beyond the underground—he is on a mission to bring the freshest sounds around the globe. This year alone, DEENTR has released “Rize,” “Echos,” “Musambo,” “Chemayi,” and “21 Days,” just to name a few. Standing as his fourteenth single release of the year, “Ocean Tides” winds down an extremely busy 2022 for the emerging artist.

“Ocean Tides” begins forcefully with undulating basslines undergirding a muted kick drum. In no time, listeners are pushed towards the central groovy bass synths and rattly hi-hats planned to perfection. One thing that stands out is DEENTR’s use of what sounds like pitched-down claps, giving the rhythm a catchiness that will not soon leave one’s short-term memory. As one moves further through “Ocean Tides,” it becomes clear that DEENTR has a firm hold on his techno roots as he effortlessly pairs noise sweeps with retro-fx and dark drops, along with natural samples that must’ve come straight from the rainforest.

DEENTR has been an all-around music entrepreneur since 2009, working center-stage as a DJ, producer, and singer/songwriter, whilst also maintaining work as an event coordinator, promoter, and record label owner. His career surged in 2015 when he was nominated as the Best Underground Artist in the NAMA & Zim Hip-Hop Awards. His work building up Afrolux Records has led him to where he is now, producing countless tracks with clean, eccentric, and addictive production.

Stream DEENTR’s “Ocean Tides” below!

DEENTR – Ocean Tides

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