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Alison Wonderland set to launch her own label, FMU Records

Alison Wonderland set to launch her own label, FMU Records

As an electronic artist, launching your own label is a mammoth undertaking. Not only do you need the funding and name recognition, but the power of a full-time staff to handle the many overlapping aspects of business, creative, marketing, and so on. However, it’s also one that comes with many benefits. Not only does one break free from the shackles of releasing with a corporate record label, where artistic autonomy is often stifled in pursuit of massive financial reward. Creativity is often reduced to rubble in the algorithmic formula that the “Big Three” labels opt to use.

There has been a foray of producers to launch their own imprints, with REZZ being the most recent. Now Alex Sholler, the face behind her production alias Alison Wonderland, is joining the pack of creative entrepreneurs. On Thursday, December 8, Sholler’s FMU Records will unveil its debut release, “I Surrender,” a collaboration between Argentinean producer Dabow and South African artist Jon Casey. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Scholler stated:

I think that currently, artists feel a lot of pressure to be content creators, marketing managers, and promoters. I don’t want artists to feel like a statistic, I want them to feel like humans. I’m finding it hard to navigate myself in this world, with the pressure of only looking at numbers rather than the music. I just want to throw cool parties and hope things grow organically. I want to use my platform to give these young artists exposure.

– Alison Wonderland

The label distribution is being handled by Ingrooves, while Alison Wonderland’s music will still be released by EMI/AUS (as with her three previous studio albums, including 2022’s Loner). Early 2023 sees FMU Records set to drop the debut album from Sholler’s Whyte Fang project this spring. Sholler’s additional artistic project launched earlier this year with three hypnotic singles in “Girl,” “333,” and “TIDES,” all showcasing a harder-edged sound that’s perfectly suited to the underground warehouse.

Landing March 31, 2023, her debut Whyte Fang album will include those three previously released singles and more to come down the pipeline. Scholler is planning a warehouse album launch party, which is currently set for early March 2023 in New York. More information to come. For the meantime, be sure to check out the debut FMU release out this Thursday, December 8!

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