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Josh Teed - Recurring Dreams

Josh Teed enlists a host of first-rate underground talent for emulsifying Gravitas album, ‘Recurring Dreams’


What better home for an artist like Josh Teed than Gravitas Recordings. The versatile, violin-toating multi-instrumentalist returns to the Austin-based label with an album that Teed’s fanbase has been waiting years for. At long last, Recurring Dreams drops with eight deeply moving tracks.

“I’ve had this one recurring dream for most of my life,” says Teeds on naming the album, “and I wanted to base this whole album around the chronological order of that dream.”

“Recurring Dreams was a labor of love, taking just over =two years to finish. The vision behind it was to push the envelope in regards to the marriage of instrumentalism and melody, with experimental sound design and heavy bass. There is an immense range throughout the project, from dark and heavy tunes, to the beautiful and ethereal side, I wanted it to encompass the full range of emotion.

– Josh Teed

“Nightmare Sonata,” featuring DAGGZ, opens up the album with beautiful violin and ethereal horns and instruments, slowly building into a heavy bass drop mirroring the instruments and setting the vibe for this album journey. The previously released album teaser with Shanghai Doom, “Ancient Illusions,” continues this epic instrumentation while keeping the storyline propelled forward with full force.

“Recurring Dreams” is the title track of the album and the beginning showcases the more chill and ethereal instrumental side Josh wants to showcase, while still building into a glitchy heavy drop that flawlessly incorporates the original violin. Marking a shift in energy for the remainder of the album, “Memories Of A Past Life” with IZZI opens up into a dreamy atmosphere exploring the diverse sound only Teed is capable of, very tastefully throwing in heavier bass elements.

“Hypnagogia” continues this dreamy vibe with added piano from Jason Leech, slowly teasing heavier bass on the last drop but never actually dropping into it, truly captivating and almost showing the listener what he could have done with it. “Baku” with Eyezic builds on this but quickly comes full force with a very unexpected drum & bass drop perfectly bringing the energy back up to a peak, ending with an epic half-time drop using the same elements. 

Featuring the ever-evolving sounds of Super Future, “Elysian Forest” showcases the diverse range of both producers while bringing the pair’s energy together for an unreal blend of downtempo and heavy dubstep with a massive final drop. “Zones Of Reality” ends the album with beautiful instruments and rides the line between his chill and heavier sides of this release, a perfect final showcase of his sound.

Think of each passing track as contributing to an emulsification process and Teed as the culinary mastermind. Taken together, the album brings together disparate ingredients that one normally wouldn’t think go together but work to compliment each other.

Josh Teed is known for bluring the line between electronic and live music, using his strong musical talent in unique ways to create his signature sound. Using live instrumentation blended with his heavy bass production, Josh Teed’s studio album offers preeminent proof that this is one artist to not overlook out of the underground bass scene.

Stream Josh Teed’s Recurring Dreams in full below!

Josh Teed – Recurring Dreams

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