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Lights All Night 2021

Festival Guide: Do not pass on these top 5 pulls at Lights All Night 2022

Photo credits: aLIVE Coverage.

As the longest-running of its kind in the great state of Texas, Lights All Night (LAN) is the mother of all electronic music festivals in the southern quadrant of the US. However, 2022 is a very special year because it marks the first edition since the Dallas-based festival’s Disco Donnie merger, which we covered in length as part of our Promo Spotlight series.

The acquisition officially makes Disco Donnie Presents Texas’ biggest independent promoter, which only just bought itself back from underneath the grips of LiveStyle Inc. (formerly SFX) just a few years ago. Donnie continuously shows his love for the Lone Star State, generating over $1 billion in total economic impact and donating over $1.5 million in charitable donations to local nonprofits since 2008.

This year’s LAN celebration is a neon-fueled, dance music paradise boasting a genre-bending Texas-sized lineup across four different stages: The Watering Hole, Metroplex, The Lonestar, and Disco Rodeo. From dance music royalty like Porter Robinson and the hotly tipped DJ and producer Gordo (recently produced Drake’s ‘Honestly Nevermind’ album) to astonishing, larger-than-life art installations, including the debut of Moouis Vuitton, Lights All Night is the place to be to cap off 2022.

We’ve been attending this end of year extravaganza for nearly a decade now, so trust in the fact that we know our way around this festival. That’s why we’ve compiled a top 5 list of things not to miss at this year’s Lights All Night.

1. The smaller renegade stages

Of course, LAN pulls out some garantuan stages each year with sprawling 180-degree views. Each of them is routinely packed with the most in-demand industry players of the last year. 2022 brings back Excision, Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead, Ganja White Night, Tchami, and more. Make no mistake that you will be packed in closer than sardines at these popular mainstages— especially the closer one moves to the rail. But it’s always the smaller stages that have provided me with the best vibes, live sets, and crowd memories each year. Just take a look at some one the talent on this stages…

Nothing feels more Texas than a Disco Rodeo!

Catch some of the biggest rising artists of 2022 like the NYT-featured house/ RnB queen HoneyLuv (recently remixed Lizzo), the Croatia sensation Matroda, UK beatsmith James Hype, and more. Not mention, we’re looking forward to Desert Hearts’ Lee Foss and his veteran house styling the most on this renegade outdoor stage.

The Lonestar Stage has plenty of bass blistering beats on Thursday with a full dose of the undergrounds hoottest rising artists including Canabliss, MOLOKAI, TieDye Ky, VCTRE, and more. What’s even better is how LAN has placed deep dub, 140-veteran VEIL on the stage, along with Subdocta, who is almost assuredly going to break the stage. Featuring Cassian, Jerro, Kasablanca, Spencer Brown, and more on Friday, The Lonestar will be laced with mesmerizing minimal, techno, and trance all night.

2. Eye-popping art installs & live roaming performers

Every year, LAN builds on the next by adding in stunning installations. Eye-popping art installations, including the debut of Moouis Vuitton. It’s not every day you get to see a cow draped in Louis Vuitton who loves to rave. Milk this experience for all its worth and grab a picture with Moouis! 

Don’t count out the long list of live performers that go into making the evening picture-worthy for all attendees. From the infamous roaming discoball head raver, to the robot danders and fire spinners, to the acrobatic performers suspended high up in the air above the crowd, LAN wouldn’t be LAN without these vital performance pieces.

3. Elite Wear

Elite Wear, the Dallas-based company known for being the original creators of EL wire light-up glasses, is also a strong partner and annual sponsor of Lights All Night. Admittedly, LAN’s vendor sections has been slowly getting better with each passing year as the festival grows in size and scale. Through it all, Elite Wear has been holding it down since the beginning. They have undoubtedly become the mainstay of the festival when it comes to vendors.

Spoiler: They’ve also just launched their wireless, sound-activated light up glasses that light up at the lowest decibel of bass.

Lights All Night 2021
Lights All Night 2021 - Lobster Rolls

4. The food trucks!!

Promise you this, you will not be able to walk outside to bathrooms without being tempted by the smells of the annual food trucks, many of whom have been traveling all the ways to Dallas to bring a dose of the different. A delectable food menu promises to sustain you while you dance featuring Louisiana’s Big Wil & The Warden, Dallas based ice cream truck Mister Sugar Rush, Cousins Maine Lobster (featured on Shark Tank!), and more. I personally do not leave the weekend without buying a lobster roll, which is pricey (to be sure) but worth every penny.

5. The people

Of course, no live music event is nothing without his loyal attendees. While an year-capping indoor rave massive is bound to have it’s few bad apples, this crowd is overhwelmingly welcoming when you know who you’re looking for. Now you’re likely not going to find them in the pit, but head to the installations, the smaller stages, the food trucks, and you’ll find them.

Make your LAN 2022 schedule now by downloading the app! Also, check out the map and plan ahead of time because there are always crowd control/access issues at this one!

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