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Feelmonger - Viva La Vibrant EP

Feelmonger seeks to live to the fullest on immersive four-track EP, ‘Viva La Vibrant’

Feautred Photo: Collective Perspective.

For Matt Pham, his aim with his Feelmonger alias has always been to take listeners on an auditory adventure, helping them to escape reality and focus on the music. We’ve long had an eye on the promising young underground talent, just waiting to see when this North Carolina bass artist would break out of the wood works. Look no further his feature as a CE Rising Bass Spotlight or our premiere of “Just Listen” alongside Luminyst to see why.

As an up-and-coming producer currently based out of Raleigh, his sound is defined by complex bass lines, intense and intricate layering, and a unique unpredictability that always has listeners craving the next drop. All of that is evidenced on Feelmonger’s latest four-track EP, Viva La Vibrant, which the artist says was original meant to be his debut album “with the core idea being to live fully, no matter the emotion.” He explains further,

“I went through dozens of ideas, eventually landing on a dozen or so tracks that I thought could be a full album. However, by the end of it, it just didn’t feel right as a full length album. So I revisited the album and picked out 4 tracks that I thought really fit the vibe of the core idea.

– Feelmonger

Each track is emotionally charged and heavy, but with their own nuance. “Love Me” is a kind of heartbroken, melancholy banger. “Coliseum” is just a straight up get lost in the sauce kind of banger. “Music is the Truth” is the kind of blissful melt into the vibes kind of banger, and then to top it all of, “Viva La Vibrant!” is the climax, overly euphoric kind of banger.

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Matt was raised as part of a large family which made his musical upbringing diverse, to include 90s rock, early 90s techno, love ballads, Kenny G sax solos, classical music, R&B, and so much more. Feelmonger takes all of these influences and ties them into his take on experimental bass music, neatly tying it all together with pulsating sub-bass, pounding drums, and a wide range of emotions.

With support from both industry-leading acts and underground scene leaders, Feelmonger has cemented his status as one to watch. Stream Viva La Vibrant in full now!

Feelmonger – Viva La Vibrant EP

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