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Moorse Kismet - Forte

Moore Kismet releases explosive new single, ‘Forte’

Rising 18-year-old wunderkind Moore Kismet (they/them) closes out a monumental year with an explosive new single “Forte” – out today via Thrive Music/Virgin. The single is Kismet’s latest anthem and is filled to the brim with vibrant synths, crisp percussive hits, and a captivating, diverse sonic soundscape. With each breathtaking release, Moore Kismet never fails to think ahead of what’s next in the electronic space.

I wrote ‘Forte’ about a year ago during the ‘UNIVERSE’ drafting process post-COVID after downloading the Monte Booker Sounds sample pack. Whenever I download a new sample pack, I always immediately start a new idea with it just to see if I can actually get any use out of the samples. The drums and little FX sounds kinda laid out the framework for me to write the main chord bass sound using 3xOsc, one of my favorite stock plugins in FL. I’m beyond proud of this song because of how able it is to live on its own compared to a lot of what I’ve made in the past. I’m really happy to finally be putting this out as I think it’s a beautiful way to close this chapter of Moore Kismet.

It’s been a banner year for Moore Kismet – the young producer, songwriter, composer, DJ and artist who released their boundary-pushing debut LP UNIVERSE in June to critical acclaim and commercial success. The album racked up more than 13M streams and was featured by Spotify on their Times Square Billboard in NYC.

Born Omar Davis, the alias Moore Kismet (meaning “more than fate”) is a representation of Omar that expresses their continual creative journey. Their unique production style and stage presence is anything but predictable, setting Moore Kismet apart from the crowd. Today Kismet adds the explosive new single “Forte” to the list of incendiary tracks they’ve released. Catch them live this New Year’s Eve at Fresh Start in SF. Looking ahead to 2023, Kismet will be making their Hangout Festival debut and will be returning to Ultra Music Festival.

Moorse Kismet – Forte

Moore Kismet Tour Dates:

Dec 31 @ Fresh Start New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, CA#
Feb 4 @ Igloofest in Montreal, QB#
Feb 25 @ The Complex (Marauda) in Salt Lake City, UT+
Mar 24-26 @ Ultra Music Festival @ Miami, FL#
May 19-21 @ Hangout Festival @ Gulf Shores, AL#
May 27 @ The Gorge Amphitheatre (Illenium 2 Day Pass) in George, WA+
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