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Slip into a vacuum with Luminyst and Feelmonger’s meditative bass melody, ‘Just Listen’ [Premiere]

Proving to fans that they are a threat in the studio together with drumstep banger, “ALL CAPS,” Ohio’s Luminyst (formerly SLAVE) and Nashville’s Feelmonger are teaming up once again in a really meaningful way. Their newest joint effort, dubbed “Just Listen,” shows how far these two artists have come over the past couple of years. Premiering on CE today, October 15, this supersonic masterpiece goes on an amorphous journey through the artists’ own psyches and into the audiences.

For those who get lost in music easily, we suggest grabbing a mental map before venturing into this labyrinth of sound. From the repetitive meditation samples from Alan Watts to the bass battling that spawns in the drops, this song is an adventure inside and out. Given the track record of these two budding underground bass purveyors, another more mature melody was bound to sprout out of their continued collaboration eventually. However, this is a story about SLAVE’s exciting new long-form output, which is about to come down the pipelines.

Photo courtesy of SLAVE.

David Timko (aka SLAVE) has been busy assembling beats since he was a kid, getting his start as a vinyl DJ. Coming out of soulful Atlanta and eventually finding himself leading a bass-driven revolution in Akron, Ohio, Timko has been on the steady up and up over the past couple of years. Thanks to a Bassnectar live edit of his 2017 single, “Breakthrough,” co-founding Rapture Studios in 2018, and signing on with the Mean Mug crew more recently, SLAVE is beginning to stoke with a scathing appeal. Of course, CE has had an eye on the low-end maven for some time, along with the rest of the rising bass producers simmering through the cracks of the basshead community.

SLAVE is now poised to release his first full-length with Transformation, through a drip method, premiering one song every two weeks over the course of October. Timko has already put out four tracks of varying moods and energies, with the most recent being the chaotic (and yet calming) combo with Feelmonger.

SLAVE shared with Conscious Electronic about the track:

Being that 2020 is the year I finally started taking regular meditation seriously in my life, the theme of this track couldn’t have lined up better. Driving and melodic, the positive vibe of this track is one that I hope delivers uplifting energy to all who listen. I’ve been sitting on this one with my brother Matt (Feelmonger) for a long time and we’re so happy to finally get it to your ears! Matt is such an incredible musician and I’m so happy to finally get a second collaboration with him. Definitely check out his ‘Detox Down Tempo Mix’ on SoundCloud, it’s my absolute favorite right now. The easiest way to get into the meditative state, is to Just Listen. (fly high Alan Watts)”

What better way to drive home a consciously-attuned message than on an outlet whose mission is to provide “conscious ways to consume EDM,” which is why we’re honored to support. Anytime music is merged with acts of getting into the body and connecting with the self is a step in the right direction for the industry, as far as CE is concerned.

The full 10-track album bundle for Transformation can be found over on SLAVE’s landing page and over on Bandcamp. Timko has now released half the album with the Feelmonger-assisted “Just Listen” and five more tracks have yet to see the light of day. Of course, you can hear them all early upon purchase while also heading to SLAVE’s merch website to support artists in this trying time of zero touring.

SLAVE & Feelmonger – Just Listen [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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