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Lights All Night 2022

Lights All Night caps off 2022 in superb style: Here’s our top 5 sets [Event Review]

Photos courtesy of Alive Coverage/Disco Donnie.

Recently, we wrapped up 2022 and said hello to 2023. Helping us ring in the New Year was Dallas’ longest-running EDM festival – Lights All Night (LAN). The 2022 edition boasted headlining talents in ExcisionPorter RobinsonZeds DeadGanja White Night, and John Summit. With four stages, great food (the lobster roll from Cousin’s Maine Lobster is our favorite), and a variety of vendors – we dove in head first to the party. Here are our top five sets from this year’s 12th edition.

5) Charles FeelGood

Starting night one off strong with a tech house set was Charles FeelGood. Deep, thumping bass accompanied classic house hits intermixed with some of his own beats. Seamless transitions into one funky beat after another kept the audience hooked and entranced in dance. Our favorite moment was when Charles got the entire crowd moving by dropping “Left and Right” by Odd Mob. This set was a favorite for its upbeat, yet relaxed vibe. 

4) Maxinne 

British house artist Maxinne slides in at number four for this list. This Disco Rodeo tech house music set was full of deep beats and high-energy music. Plenty of festival goers were dancing, vibing, and flowing to her curated mix containing tracks of her own. “GRUUV” was a favorite of ours – and had us looking her up to add her tracks into our weekly Friday Wrangler playlist. Maxinne was a welcome and energetic start to night two. 

3) G Jones

Number three goes to one of the most unique-sounding sets of the fest. G Jones turned LAN upside down with his bass-heavy, trap-inspired set. Mixing in tracks from Daft Punk, Virtual Self, WAVEDASH, and Eprom, G Jones kept the fest on its feet and wanting more. The classic black and white visuals accompanying the set immersed fans in the bizarro world crafted by the twists and turns of dubstep beats mixed with synths. Fresh off of their Second Sky B2B, G Jones of course had to give a nod to Virtual Self in his set, playing a few seconds of Particle Arts and an unreleased Virtual Self ID. G Jones didn’t miss a beat in including some of his own works, including the fan favorites Dark Artifact and R.A.V.E. This set was easily one of the highlights of the two-day fest.

2) Tchami 

Spiritual house legend Tchami brought his hell sent, fast-paced beats straight from France for NYE. Giving his usual nod to DJ Snake, Malaa, and other artists on the Confession label, Tchami’s high-energy set illuminated the late night hours of night two. Tchami’s personal touches included “Praise,” from his debut album Year Zero, and his remix of “You Know You Like It”. Mid-set, Tchami treated fans to a mix of “Afterlife” into “All on Me,” his one-off single with Zhu. To close out his set that dragged the fest to hell and back, Tchami sent attendees back into the heavens with his classic hit, Adieu.   

1) Porter Robinson

The set that had everyone talking at the fest and online was from none other than the nature boy himself, Porter Robinson. Opening his set with the all too familiar chords from Divinity (and to loud cheers from the crowd), Porter hit a stride and then never missed a beat once. After spending his holidays scouring SoundCloud for tracks from smaller artists to include in his set (one notable being the inclusion of the Algo flip of Hamdi – Skanka), Porter made sure to cover what was essentially the master class of EDM – including various genres in his one hour set. Every drop was seemingly a different genre than the last (we noted drum and bass, hardcore, dubstep, and trap among the setlist). Porter chose much more muted visuals than previous DJ sets – simple black and white contrasted with a blue sky and clouds – but still had flashy visuals for his harder drops (our favorite being various “addictions” slide showing through one – Twitter, TikTok, Insta, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Scroll, and Approval). This set cemented Porter’s status as a top headliner and one of the GOATs currently in the scene. 

If you are having serious FOMO after reading about these five exhilarating sets, LAN will return next year. Can’t wait until then? Ubbi Dubbi is coming up in the Spring. Until then, we’ll be dreaming about this fest and its exciting moments until we thaw out from the colder temps. 

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