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South African deep house maestro Sthamzen enlists Brinsley Motsepa with smooth hit ‘Munye’


Hailing from deep within South Africa’s electronic dance music scene, Sthamzen and singer/songwriter Brinsley Motsepa have released a fresh vocal-led chill house single. The track, entitled “Munye,” is a smooth, suave track with an incessant groove that feels like relaxing on a beach. Yet, at the same time, the song’s house structure and upbeat percussive elements give it that much-needed element of danceability.

“Munye” calls up its influence from the likes of Black Coffee and De capo if one listens closely. Flaunting layers of sub-drenched kick and scintillating bass lines, “Munye” pairs these musical elements with clean, crisp snare claps and a melodic build that showcases Sthamzen’s remarkable studio skills. The two artists have had their fair share of collaborations, including the single “Emini” and the newest release “Munye,” which will both feature on the upcoming EP, Hi, Meet Me.  Alongside the uniquely talented vocals of Motsepa, which offers up a lyrical message of love and unity, “Munye” is the perfect encapsulation of the global dance scene that crosses oceans and borders.

“Munye” is the Zulu word for one,” which translates it’s English meaning to (adj./n.) “together, whole.”

The writing and recording of “Munye” took place at Dolby 4040 studio, where Brinsley actually came up with the song’s love-filled lyrics and arranged them to suit Sthamzen’s particular beat structure before coming up with the ideal title. This is a practice all writers and creators should follow.

Sthamzen – Munye ft. Brinsley Motsepa

Hailing from the pride of South Africa in Danville, Sthamzen is one of the hottest talents coming out of South Africa – this creative force is a production guru who has a degree in internal auditing to his name. Alongside this notable achievement, Thamsanqa (Sthamzen’s real name) has been producing for almost a decade, dating back to 2014 under the guidance of close friend King Rockz who taught him the intricacies and technicalities of sound engineering. 

Sthamzen was not only inspired by famed musicians Da capo, Culoe de song, and more, but also by his parents and siblings on a more personal level. His live show experience and gig discography are expansive, having performed at prestigious venues like CapelloPoint 1Zebediela in Limpopo, Mamelodi, and O-Bar in Pretoria, where Sthamzen’s audience grew exponentially. Over his career, he has released three EPs to his name, such as 2018’s Bathong Thami, 2019’s Good vs Bad, and 2020’s 21 Questions EP. His list of collaborations are endless and flaunt impressive names including Jay B McCauley on the hit singles, “uNalanto,” “Afrika,” “Ithini into yam,” and “Emsamo,” Tshego Judah on the 2022 release “New Day,” and the joint Libra EP with WhiteChild back in 2017.

Despite already achieving a remarkable level of success in the industry, Sthamzen still has plenty to offer us and his audience eagerly anticipates what this future house creator has in store. 

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