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DJ E-Klozion releases remarkable 14-track journey through organic sound on ‘E-Mi 40’ LP

E-Mi 40 is the incredible masterpiece from experienced, veteran producer E-Klozion and one listen to the 14-track LP will point to years of technical prowess. Dedicated to E-Klozion’s newborn daughter, whose birth coincidentally coincided with the DJ’s 40th birthday, the release’s title is profoundly appropriate. The album plucks elements from a broad spectrum of electronic sub-genres including melodic techno, organic house, world, and techno, consequently enveloping the listener in a captivating sonic journey.

E-Mi 40 is profusely rich in indulgent layers of overlapping, complimentary synths, and deep, grooving bass lines. These musical elements are symmetrically mirrored by sub-drenched kicks, ornamental percussion, and incessantly catchy lead keyboard melodies sitting at the forefront of every track’s dense mix.

Mixed and mastered by the famous Berlin-based studio Calyx Mastering, E-Mi 40 is filled with thematic elements of escapism and discovery, much like you’d get from hearing an ethnic world album; yet there are more intimate themes ingeniously interwoven into the crevices of each track. Thematically, E-Klozion focuses on the bond between a father and his daughter, love, and family, showing listeners that techno can reach deeper than the simple instrumental plane. Incorporating ethnic sounds, which are carefully nestled into the interlacing timbres of the album, adds an additional dimension and offers a mystical and deep ambiance that invites the listener to connect with their inner being.

Despite certainly not being new to the scene, E-Klozion is desperately eager to embark on the latest chapter of his staggering musical journey. Starting out in the late 90s making techno music, E-Klozion has garnered bags of priceless experience in a range of different musical avenues. This creative force has released several different vinyls under differing pseudonyms including the infamous Dirty Bloody Bastard. Utilizing captivating melodies, infectious beats, and diverse soundscapes, E-Klozion combines his influences drawn from different musical cultures and traditions with his own unique sound and ear for music to create the most refreshingly unique sound.

Over the years, E-Klozion has built an indisputable reputation as one of the best, partially resultant of his work with iconic globals icons like Boris Brejcha. E-Klozion’s predominant focus with his artist persona and discography is eclosion – the refined art of bursting forth or emerging. His innovative nuances continue to push the boundaries of the meaning of electronic dance music and, after over two decades in the industry, E-Klozion has his audience desperately eager, waiting with bated breath, to hear what he has planned next.

Cumulatively, E-Mi 40 is a technically precise album that balances lyrical significance with instrumental mastery. Stream the 14-track LP now.

DJ E-KlozionE-Mi 40

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