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German producer Kaoki releases new patchwork DnB track, 'Dreams'

German producer Kaoki releases new patchwork DnB track, ‘Dreams’

There’s a new kid on the block for fans of drum-n-bass and he hails from Germany. Running under the moniker of Kaoki, this promising young artist pulls his strengths from MitiS, Pendulum, and The Prodigy mixed with flavors of Linkin Park, Saosin, Tristam, and Feint. With only a few releases under his belt, including “Comeback,” “The Gift,” and now “Dreams,” Kaoki is well on his way to becoming an unmissable musician, even in the States.

Coming as his newest release, Kaoki’s “Dreams” is an eclectic, wistful track rich in nuanced nostalgia and upbeat layers of beautifully melodic piano chords. Once the track has hooked its listeners on its airy journey, Kaoki begins intertwining the 3-minute number with driving, incessant rhythmic backing from dense drums & colossal bass. The track itself is the result of Kaoki digging through all of his old projects previously left unfinished or half completed. He amalgamated these forgotten ideas into a notable final product that is reflective of his enchanting journey as a producer.

Utilizing his writing as a somewhat therapeutic way of expressing his emotions and feelings, “Dreams” was a coping mechanism to help Kaoki work through the tough moments of his life. Kaoki translates his struggles into a positive message that lies at the heart of his artist persona, which can be felt in tones and rhythms rather than spoken words. Speaking to this, Kaoki reveals,

“Every day I make music is a notable moment for me, since I get to progress further into my knowledge as a composer.”

– Kaoki

Half-Dominican/German producer Kaoki is a multifaceted musician with a keen ear for creating impressive soundscapes with sheer ease and has done for the past 9 years. The 26-year-old embarked on his musical journey at the age of just 17. It was a low point in his life but, upon hearing MitiS’ “Innocent Discretion,” the young “bedroom producer” made the life-changing choice to be a producer and composer. Through music, Kaoki discovered his life’s purpose and “therapized him” out of a depressive state.

Despite being distinctly new to the global EDM scene, an industry that will undoubtedly chew you up and spit you out, Kaoki has already flaunted his innate, chameleon-like ability to thrive in whatever genre he chooses to explore. His name is derived from an abbreviation of “Kaokimimura”— a name he got from his “favorite anime of all time,” Hajime no Ippo.

Stream Kaoki’s “Dreams” below!

Kaoki – Dreams

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