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Trip Sitter - ChemicalDecibel LP

Aussie psytrance guru Trip Sitter releases wild 18-track ride in debut LP, ‘ChemicalDecibel’

Drug use has always been taboo in electronic dance music culture, but a new artist out of Melbourne is owning his love of psychedelics and their connection to psytrance music. After an exhilarating three years of releases, including the single “Trance Mutation,” Trip Sitter is exhilarated to release his debut album filled with these themes. If you’re looking for your next hit of adrenaline and a taste of the Aussie Psytrance scene, ChemicalDecibel is the move.

The 18-track ChemicalDecibel represents a culmination of his career, from the moment his LSD trip began at Ostara Festival over a decade ago, to firing up the dance floor at local parties and retreating to produce his own brand of psytrance as Trip Sitter. With a number of addictive vocal samples, warped, mechanical synths, intense beat drops, and a relentless piledriver beat throughout, this project is truly hard to resist. Seeking professional guidance to refine his sound, Trip Sitter reached out to renowned producer and mastering engineer Ady Conner, known as Scorb. Ady, whose studio is located in Brighton, UK, to master this project and provide him with valuable feedback, bolstering his confidence.

Trip Sitter, also known as Sam Harnischmacher, began his musical journey began during his early years when he played the trumpet in his school band and took piano lessons, these early experiences laid the foundation to begin producing his very first tracks using Ableton software at 19. While juggling the responsibilities of paying rent and maintaining an active social life, his artistic pursuits naturally slowed. However, a significant separation from his long-term partner planted the seeds for Sam to channel his emotions into music, igniting an intense and somewhat unhealthy addiction to producing at every available moment.

The producer has also established his own record label called HIGHBANDWIDTHMUSIC and has invested significant time and effort into developing his website and securing a domain. He is currently overseeing the production of physical copies of his album, ChemicalDecibel. The double-CD release contains a generous selection of nine tracks on each disc, showcasing his dedication to both quality and quantity. Collaborating with talented artist Ayjayart, Sam worked closely to achieve visually captivating artwork for the album, adding an extra layer of artistry to the overall experience.

After spending three years secluded in the studio, pouring his heart and soul into his music, Sam is finally emerging into the light. He feels that the time has come to present his work to the world and connect with the vibrant energy of the dance floor. Trip Sitter invites you to embark on an exhilarating journey through pulsating Psytrance beats and immersive sonic landscapes in ChemicalDecibel. Stream it now below!

Trip SitterChemicalDecibel LP

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