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Jay Bucks says farewell to summer on newest house heater, ‘Is This Love’

In the current music release landscape, where constant output is the name of the game, it’s always refreshing when artists take the time to soak in their major milestones. Quality over quantity is the message that fans get… and authentic artistic pursuit over quick payouts. After a successful 2022 which saw his debut album drop, Jay Bucks seems to be one of those artists.

Now the UK-based house maestro is back with his newest single, “Is This Love,” which traverses a sonically new landscape for Jay Bucks as he sets out to make the ideal farewell summer track. Through trial-and-error creative techniques, Bucks developed this emphatic single drenched in all the essential elements which make up the perfect song to move along to. It is the second track of this genre in Jay’s previously hip-hop-oriented discography and prides itself on incessantly catchy melodies and a euphoric instrumental backing. Every aspect of “Is This Love” is all Jay Bucks – from the intricacies of the lyricism and instrumentation choice to the recording production and accompanying video.

Hailing from the thriving creative hub of West London, Jay Bucks is a multifaceted musician who is renowned for his ability to architect dense sonic soundscapes. Born of Irish descent into a bustling household of five boys, Jay’s upbringing was a rich musical diet – an eclectic symphony of influences. His father’s tastes resided in the haunting allure of The Dubliners, while his older siblings cultivated Jay’s love for Jungle and Garage beats. Amidst the vast array of auditory chaos, Jay found his musical calling in hip-hop and rap, where he began penning his own original verses at age 14. It was just two years later that Jay took his first step into production, crafting beats on his certainly weathered laptop.

After revelling in euphoric festivals and gigs including Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris, Jay’s palette stretched beyond the realms of rap and introduced him to the artistry of electronic music; the discovery of Logic Pro as a creative tool unveiled new horizons, transforming Jay from a keyboard melody maker to a composer orchestrating his own musical landscapes. Life put Jay’s musical career on hold but his spark was re-ignited through the start of lockdown which gave Jay the perfect space to craft his own home studio. His renewed passion fuelled months of meticulous tutorials laid the groundwork for his reemergence into the world of music and opened his new catalogue back in 2022 with the single “No More.”

With an expansive catalogue waiting in the wings and melodies yet to be woven, Jay Bucks emerges as an artist poised to carve his mark in the tapestry of contemporary sound. Stream Jay Buck’s “Is This Love” below!

Jay Bucks – Is This Love

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