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Prague-based DJ ZigZag releases exhilarating techno project, ‘Make Me A Vampire’ EP

Imagine The Chemical Brothers and Prodigy’s sound married with Underworld or early Kraftwerk and you’ve got Prague-based DJ ZigZag. After subverting expectations with previous EPs, Fear of Noise and Bats, DJ ZigZag is back again to infuse his signature melodic sonics into the world of hard techno.

DJ ZigZag’s newest EP offering, Make Me A Vampire, applies his skillset learned from experimenting with house, breakbeat, and acid tech, as well as his extensive knowledge of B-level cult films to create this cinematic and exhilarating four-track project. Listeners can expect swirling fx, grimy synths, and a number of truly hard-hitting techno beats working alongside ‘horror-ific’ vocal samples from the “living dead.” Stimulating to all of the senses, Make Me A Vampire is a neurological overload of the most elusive EDM sounds.

DJ ZigZag is an innovative dance producer on a mission to break boundaries and infuse a sense of fun into each of his releases. From his childhood days tinkering with a tape recorder equipped with a vocoder, DJ ZigZag’s love for experimentation and sonic exploration was evident. Discovering house music as a 16-year-old led him to make a resolute decision to become a DJ himself, adopting the name DJ ZigZag—an ode to a captivating light effect he encountered at a local club. After booking his first gig in 2001, he eventually found himself playing at renowned clubs across Prague and the Czech Republic, including AbatonAtelierFledaCross, and Akropolis.

In 2006, DJ ZigZag delved deep into music production, initially facing challenges in achieving the desired sound quality. Undeterred, he began studying sound engineering for film at a university, contributing to numerous projects, including short films, commercials, TV series, and the internationally acclaimed underground graffiti documentary, Girl Power, in 2016. Feeling the urge to fully immerse himself in his true calling, DJ ZigZag recommitted himself to the craft and relocated to Berlin in 2018 to pursue electronic music production at the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology.  With his newfound expertise, DJ ZigZag released his first two EPs on his own label, Unfizzy Recordings

DJ ZigZag’s artistic journey is characterized by an unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries, experimenting with sounds, and defying genre limitations. To jump on board his journey, be sure to listen to Make Me A Vampire in full below!

DJ ZigZag – Make Me A Vampire EP

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