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WATCH: Burning Man art gets an official exhibition at The Smithsonian

The art from Black Rock City is heading to The Smithsonian in Washington, DC. The exhibit, titled “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man,” will finally give those who’ve not yet visited the playa the chance to experience its revolutionary art concepts.

“The title is part of that kind of idea, we’re inviting people to come in and, in some cases, they’ll be able to add to the artworks or interact with the art physically, which is not something people get the chance to do in a museum,” says Nora Atkinson, The Smithsonian’s Curator of Craft.

Atkinson further explains that the exhibition will take over the Renwick Gallery and the entire block until January 21, 2019, showcasing jewelry, sculptures, costumes, and photos.

“This is literally the largest exhibition our museum has ever put on. It’s the entire building and the neighborhood combined… I really want people to feel empowered. Burning Man is all about building a society you want to live in and that’s what this exhibition is about.”