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Seven Lions releases massive collaboration with Kill The Noise, Tritonal, & Haliene, “Horizon”

Seven LionsKill The NoiseTritonal, and HALIENE have just released an instant classic, dubbed “Horizon,” seeing it’s premiere on Proximity today, May 18, 2018. The track, which has been played in all of the above artist’s live sets for months now, is a beautifully anthemic ballad with all the twists and turns of an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Beginning cinematic and hypnotic, “Horizons” draws in it’s listeners immediately with HALIENE’s angelic vocals and deep, metaphoric lyrics. The first drop then leads into a beautifully blended whirlwind of synths and swirling melodies coming together in perfect pandemonium. Upon the song’s second drop, one is taken into a fantastically different direction with a wonky and wonderful display of half-time bass, along with glittering video game synths and arpeggiated chords that are akin to a Porter Robinson track.

Finally, “Horizons” takes a precipitous turn toward a DnB-imbued terrain with an impressive finale design that explores speedier tempos and brisk drum work. The track is illuminating, incredibly dynamic, and yet cleanly packaged into a carefully designed masterpiece that is sure to ignite dance floors and festival main stages for years to come. Fans will assuredly be witnessing the song’s magical energy from Seven Lions, Kill The Noise, and HALIENE at EDC Las Vegas this weekend.

Featured Photo: RUKES