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Pandora introduces new family plan to compete with Apple and Spotify

Pandora has launched a new Premium Family plan that gives up to six users unlimited music streaming for $15 per month. The deal matches the price of family plans from Spotify and Apple Music, which offer access for to up to five and six individuals, respectively.

In the race to convert free listeners to paid monthly subscribers, a move which was recently spearheaded by YouTube, Pandora’s latest effort looks like an attempt to catch up with Spotify. The music streaming giant currently boasts 70 million paid subscribers, the highest of any other streaming platform, as compared to Pandora’s roughly six million subscribers and 80 million free users.

Pandora Premium already costs $10 a month for individual users, so the upgrade seems economical. With Pandora’s new Premium Family plan, each user is required to create their own account, gaining access to their own customizable radio stations and playlists, downloadable music for offline listening, and high-quality audio, ad-free music.

H/T: The Verge