Flux Pavilion showcases Circus Records’ diverse catalog in first-ever curated compilation, ‘Earwax’

When Flux Pavilion launched Circus Records with Doctor P during the early years of their careers, he secured his future self an industry tastemaker. Nearly ten year later, the British dubstep pioneer and Circus Records ringmaster has released a new compilation album, dubbed Earwax.

The 21-track compilation spotlights the true diversity and depth of the Circus Records roster, from the imprint’s staple producers in Rusko to ferocious newcomers like Ork¿d, Mark the Beast, Cyran, LUZCID, and Big Voyage. Earwax features eleven brand new tracks — even a new one from Flux Pavilion himself — and ten bass heavy compositions released previously on the imprint.

Standout compositions on the album include Big Voyage’s ambient “Jellyfish Bloom (Parts 1 & 3),” Rusko’s “High,” “1968” by Submotion Orchestra, and Flux Pavilion’s newest composition with vocalist Layna, “Symphony.”