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Skrillex plays an ID-packed set at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan [WATCH]

Skrillex did something rather rare these days, especially for him. Upon traveling to Japan with Brownies & Lemonade for Fuji Rock Festival, he played an entirely EDM headlining set.

As if fans weren’t already upset that the dubstep pioneer gave such a rare performance overseas, Skrillex began his set with a never before heard track. The track, which Sonny Moore posted to his Instagram after the weekend, has still yet to be IDed and is stirring up a frenzy of excitement amongst his fanbase.

As the producer who get largely credited for bringing US dubstep into the pop/mainstream collective consciousness, it’s becoming increasingly relevant that Skrillex is sitting on a whole stack of unreleased dance material. If and when Sonny Moore chooses to release another electronic album under his Skrillex moniker, fans around the world can be sure it will change the way electronic music gets produced forever…again.