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Mad Zach releases forward-thinking acid track, ‘Brootle’

“Future” is an understatement when trying to pin down Mad Zach’s dark ambient style — it’s an aesthetic that rests somewhere at the intersection between the dub, hip-hop, glitch, and trap genres, all the while retaining it’s own, very heavy, very forward-thinking sound design.

The California native has been causing quite the stir in the underground world of experimental bass music. His most recent discography includes collaborations with G Jones and Sayer on his Quantum Shock EP as well as remixes from Bleep Bloop, Amp Live, Conrank, and Pixelord.

Now the California native, whose talent with the drum pad matches his energy behind the decks, has now released a masterful new track, titled “Brootle,” marking his second release on Deadbeats. The track features bass line and acid elements over an aggressive hip-hop beat that fits nicely within his unique sound stamp, which routinely utilizes crisp high/low ends, changing tempos, and all-around creative compositions that glean on the heavier side of life.

Featured photo: Artwork by Samuel Forest Alderson