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Jauz unveils release date for debut album, ‘The Wise and The Wicked’

When Sam Vogel revealed his 2018 resolutions to fans a while back, his loyal Shark Squad following couldn’t help but be struck with awe at the genuine intention of the announcement. The 24-year-old producer — who swims under the aggressive bass moniker of Jauz — made waves in 2017 upon the formation of his new imprint, Bite This, a 12-track Bite This! Xmas compilation, and an upcoming “Bite This” label tour.

Jauz finishes off the Facebook post with this: “And to start it off right, there’s an album coming. Early 2018.” While the album may be a little overdue in terms of it’s release, good things come to those who wait. In just a month, fans will finally be exposed to the culmination of work Jauz has been devoting himself so feverishly to, as his debut full-length album The Wise and The Wicked officially sees it’s full release on August 31.