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Aphex Twin announces new EP, shares leading single ‘T69 Collapse’

Aphex Twin has finally unveiled the details of his new Collapse EP, a follow-up to 2016’s Cheetah. The new five-track effort will see it’s wide release on Warp Records on September 14. To hold fans over until then, he’s shared the track list, album artwork, and a video for the EP’s glitchy leading single, titled “T69 Collapse.”

Aphex Twin’s EP announce comes on the heels of the IDM producer teasing the project with posters all over the world, followed by a curious press release from Warp Records, and what was initially a five-minute visual teaser on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim  — though it was pulled upon failing TV’s Harding test for epileptic and photosensitive viewers. Thankfully, fans can view the video now with impressive visual work by London-based video designer Weirdcore.

Arriving as the first track off his forthcoming EP, “T69 Collapse” takes listeners on a sonic journey through psychedelic cyber scenes rendered in Wierdcore’s 1990s-era graphics. The track weaves a gorgeous piano melody through razor sharp beats and staccato drum machine work. As the record’s synths become more and more unstable, so too does the song’s rhythm as it ventures into a psychedelic, hypnotic terrain and ends in a glitchy, bass-induced abyss.

Collapse EP Tracklist:
01. T69 collapse
02. 1st 44
03. MT1 t29r2
04. abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909]
05. pthex