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Labrinth, SIA, & Diplo’s third release as LSD comes as a psychedelic ballad called ‘Thunderclouds’

When LabrinthSia, and Diplo decided to put their heads together, along with the first letters of their individual monikers, the result was the birth of a power-pop trio known as LSD. Following their previous two releases — “Genius” and “Audio,” repsectively — the psychedelic-themed super group now releases their third original single as LSD, “Thunderclouds.” The track arrives as a dreamy downtempo composition with a 1950s-throwback feel, fusing dub-inspired pop, acoustic guitar, island style melodies.

Sia’s casual vocals command the track, Labrinth brings a cool stature to the background vocals, and Diplo drives the beat with thumping percussion, bubbling half times, and brassy horns for added forward momentum. What culminates is ultimately a glistening end-of-summer anthem that is expert and effortless in its artistic arrangement. It looks like LSD is shaping up to be the charming trip-hop/pop crossover trio that is sure to be pumping out chart topping singles very soon.