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Weekend rewind: RUN DMT pays homage to dubstep in ‘Revolutionaire’ LP

With major festivals appearances at Electric Daisy Carnival, Camp Bisco, Coachella, and Wakarusa under his belt, RUN DMT is one name is underground bass music that is garnering widespread attention across the dance music mainstream. The Dallas-based Drum n’ Bass producer, real name John Robbins, has become known for building highly cinematic landscapes that quickly jolts its listeners into submission with his use of stabbing synths, melodic breaks, and sparse, syncopated percussive elements.

RUN DMT has received support from BassnectarNoisiaMajor Lazer, The Who, and Twenty One Pilots for a musical repertoire that knows no generic bounds. After taking a three year long hiatus to focus on his Kill Your Ego record label, Robbins has returned to the studio to create his third full-length album, Revolutionaire, featuring Barrington Levy, Dirt MonkeySubtronics, and moreThe release comes

Robbins’ latest release is a testament to the political roots of early UK-dub. The entire album beckons at the heart of dubstep, a genre meant to upset the musical masses with it’s predictable time signatures, attempting to replace those sonic elements with darker, more experimental ingredients.

In Revolutionaire, RUN DMT begins with a cinematic hook in the opening track, “The Fall of Latimer City,” a solid grounding place before launching his listeners into a glitchy rollercoaster ride of sonic furry — through new wave jazz with “Analogue Noir,” to break beat and dubstep in tracks like “Dub, The People” and the Subtronics-assisted “LDA,” to the high tempo beats of “I Saw The Light.”

Listen to RUN DMT’s Revolutionaire LP and support the album on Beatport.