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Bastille enlists the happy help of Marshmello for unlikely release in “Happier”

In an unlikely collaborative move, bucket head producer Marshmello has teamed up with British indie pop band Bastille to unveil a surprising new single, “Happier,” out now on Astralwerks.

As it turns out, Marshmello’s happy candy pop production skills were just the thing the melancholy nature of the song needed in order to balance itself out. With an end product that is both poignant and exhilarating, “Happier” acknowledges the uncomfortable truth that loving someone sometimes requires we step aside so they can find happiness without us. Bastille’s frontman, Dan Smith, penned the song with Steve Mac (Ed Sheeran, Liam Payne, P!nk).

“We wrote ‘Happier’ last year and thought it would be great as a collaboration,” explains Smith. “We had a lot of fun working on it with Marshmello, who managed to find joy in the melancholy. It’s always good to step into somebody else’s world for a minute.”