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Spotify finally adds songwriter & production credits to iOS app

Spotify is taking steps in the right direction recently. Last week, the music streaming giant announced it was testing an “active media” feature to improve the ad-supported experience for it’s free-tier users. Now the tech company is attempting to put songwriters and producers at the forefront of accreditation in the iOS app. The move is the natural next step after Spotify introduced song credits to the desktop application, in response to the long-standing complaint about the service offering visibility to some musicians and not others.


The option is already available for Apple smartphones and can be used by clicking on the three-dot icon next to each song and then clicking on “Song credits.” The company says they are currently undergoing the huge undertaking of tracking any and all missing information, which will be up to publishers and songwriters to upload themselves. Historically, Spotify has used “record label-provided metadata” to source song credits, although some “label-provided credits” have been “incomplete or contained inaccuracies.”

In the case that credits aren’t available, they will be coming soon. According to Alfons Karabuda, Chairman of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA),

“The information is still powered by label provided metadata, so some information may be incomplete or incorrect,” he wrote in a recent Instagram post. “We will be working together for data to come directly from publishers, songwriters and societies, in the near future. Plans are also on the way for additional ways to correct or provide more details for additional credits.”

Although music streaming platforms have long struggled to give songwriters proper crediting or compensation for amassing streams, Spotify’s efforts are another small victory for creatives who work beyond the spotlight. It certainly gives Spotify a leg up on the competition. Apple Music, which is Spotify’s main competitor in terms of subscribers, does not offer a similar feature quite yet.

Featured Photo: Flickr/downloadsource.fr

H/T: Rush Hour Daily