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Listen to full live sets from Burning Man 2018

Burning Man is more than a music festival. The transformational event is first and foremost a social experiment. And the official currency in Black Rock City is gift-gifting.

That’s why burners come from all over the world to grace the playa with their many talents — whether it be in the form of art structures or music sets. Among the tens of thousands who made the journey onto the playa this year, several of those attendees were electronic producers whose gift to their fellow burners were live sets.

From Diplo‘s b2b set with Flume, to Tycho‘s legendary sunrise set, we’ve gathered a running lists of live sets from Burning Man, which ran from August 26 – September 2. Explore the many sounds of Burning Man 2018 below — from UK producer Aphrodite’s jungle/DnB set at Duck Pond camp, to LA-based producer N2N’s throwback funk set at the Celtic Chaos camp, to Luis Miranda’s house-techno set atop the Thor art car, and more.

This post will be updated as more sets become available.



N2N – Sunrise set at Celtic Chaos Camp

Black Velveteen – Sonic Runway Aboard Airpusher

Luis Miranda – Thor Art Car

ZENOTYPE – Sunrise set at The Institute

DJ Kate Monroe