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Excision addresses the loss of two lives at Lost Lands 2018

Following a bevy of overdose rumors over social media this past weekend, the organizers behind Lost Lands released an official statement addressing the deaths of two males during its 2018 return to Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. Although speculations alleged fatalities to be as high at nine due to fentynal laced substances, organizers said “the causes of these tragedies are still unknown” until toxicity reports come back on the causes of death.

While the loss of two souls is no doubt disparaging and tragic, it did spark much-needed wide spread discourse within the dance music community about the importance of drug safety, personal responsibility, and the state of Ohio as the center fuse of the national opioid epidemic. CE sends out condolences to the families of the ceased and reminds everyone to look out for each other, take care of your bodies at festivals, and, if you’re going to take part in recreational drug use, please test your substances.