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Stream the cerebral next single off G JONES’ hotly-anticipated debut album, ‘THAT LOOK IN YOUR EYE’

G JONES knows a thing or two about experimental bass. No where does his penchant for wild sonic experimentation shine more than his most recent single release, “THAT LOOK IN YOUR EYE.”

Characterized by gritty, distorted textures, high-tempo DnB percussive patterns, complex synth work, and high-pitched vocal sampling akin to that of Daft Punk, the song begins with a foreboding lead in and drops into an energetic video game-inspired world right up front. In fact, the Bay Area bass music producer revealed in a tweet that his writing process on the album was heavily influenced by Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Throughout the track, Greg Jones takes listeners on an adrenaline-induces ride of sounds and submerged feelings: into their deepest, darkest, most subconscious depths, and then right back up towards their highest and happiest highs, before dropping them right off into a soothing meditative state. It’s a lot like pulling into the station after your first roller coaster ride. This, we suspect, is just the kind of cerebral sound design the producer may be going for.

The track arrives as the fourth in string of releases off his highly-anticipated debut album, THE INEFFABLE TRUTH. He’s also revealed that his debut album is set for a late October release on his own imprint, Illusory Records.

Featured Artwork: Victor Mosquera