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Lead singer Damon Albarn says ‘Now Now’ tour could be Gorillaz last for a decade

Gorillaz fans have been quite spoiled over the past two years, which saw back-to-back tours following the release of 2017’s Humanz and 2018’s The Now Now. But fans may want to catch the last leg of the electronic band’s current tour as it may be their last for a decade.

According to the band’s lead musician Damon Albarn, they’ve grown a bit weary of touring.

We’re going to have to even it out,” he tells The Toronto Sun in a recent interview. “Since there wasn’t much time between these recent two records it’s probably going to be another 10 years…mid-September 2028, so please come and see us now.”

Gorillaz’s current Now Now tour will run until the end of October, with dates all across North America. It features a steady cast of members, from instrumentalists to guest vocalists, and of course the cartoon quartet — made up of 2-D on lead vocals and keyboards, Murdoc Niccals on bass guitar, Noodle on guitar and keys, and Russel Hobbs on drums.