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Soundcloud introduces new monetization feature for independent artists

In a streaming world ever-increasingly dominated by Spotify and Apple Music, Soundcloud is one platform that manages to hold onto it’s user base despite mounting controversies. In fact, Soundcloud remains the premiere streaming service for underground and starting-out artists, who don’t have a major label behind their names, to get their music out to the masses (a title Spotify is working to strip away). However, Soundcloud doesn’t have the monetization incentives that it’s two leading rivals offer to it’s artists.

That is, until today. SoundCloud has announced that a brand new monetization feature open to independent creators. The feature is called SoundCloud Premier, and its now available at no additional cost to all eligible subscribers at the Pro-tier.

“SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, with content from more than 20 million creators,” says Soundcloud CEO Kerry Trainor in a statement. “Expanding SoundCloud Premier’s direct monetization offering from thousands, to hundreds of thousands of eligible creators is an exciting step in our commitment to empowering as many creators as possible to grow their careers first on SoundCloud.”

Eligible subscribers , according to SoundCloud’s blog, are creators with 5,000 plays in the past month from the following SoundCloud monetized countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand. The eventual goal for Soundcloud is to make the feature open to as many creators and content as possible over time. But for now, only original content is eligible for monetization.

To learn more about how to begin monetizing content, watch the video below and then click here.