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The Glitch Mob tell the story ‘Behind The Blade 2.0’ in new mini-documentary

After their 2014-2015 tour, The Glitch Mob took some time off and ventured to Joshua Tree. They wanted to discover some new creative territory after unleashing the Blade onto their audiences all over the world. Fueled by curiosity and connection, ediT, Ooah, and Boreta are seekers. They knew they wanted to touch on something deeper, without any plans or calculations, but a focus on the process.

Now The Glitch Mob have released a new 7-minute mini documentary, The Glitch Mob: Behind The Blade 2.0, in partnership with Alienware, which goes behind the scenes into the technology behind their Dell-powered stage set-up. The LA-based electronic trio also uses the documentary to emphasize the goal of music to bring people together, especially during a time when we’ve never been more divided.

“In a day in age when everything is about hit singles and pumping out content, we still believe in the album to tell the deeper and more enriched story,” they said. “Good stories have no expiration date, and that is where we have continued to put our focus.”