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Watch ODESZA deliver two new tracks IDs at Austin City Limits

Currently in the midst of their stunning A Moment Apart tour, ODESZA graced the crowd at Austin City Limits with two unreleased IDs this past weekend. By the sound of it, the Seattle-based duo is moving towards a starkly different direction. Thanks to a couple of fan recorded videos, the two new tracks offer new evidence that ODESZA may be trading their uplifting elements for a more exploratory appeal.

The first track is an upbeat, soulful track that is easily recognizable since ODESZA has been playing out their live version of “Locomotion” for some time now, alongside their recently released “Loyal.” Both are evidence that ODESZA is yearning to take a step away from their characteristically ethereal sound design in favor of the heavier terrain.

The second is a stark departure from their sun-kissed melodies in favor of bold notes and dark undertones. It’s a never-before heard side of their production that gleans towards a REZZ-adjacent sound with crude basslines and industrial-tinged, ominous progressions. Still, there are remnants of their signature highs.

The move may not seem as surprising when considering how Clay and Harrison recently went on record saying they were feeling ready to re-invent their sound. Regardless, it’s direction that any ODESZA fan would welcome with full excitement.


via EDM Sauce | Photo via Rukes.com