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Troyboi delivers first single from forthcoming EP, ‘Frustrated’ ft. Destiny

UK dance music artist Troyboi is known just as well for his eastern influenced trap productions as he is for his hard work and creative drive. In just over a year, he’s released his debut album in addition to half of dozen singles on his most recent EP. Now he’s poised to release a follow-up EP project, dubbed V!BEZ Vol 2.

To mark the occassion, Troyboi has released the EP’s first single in “Frustrated” ft. Destiny. Armed with catchy melodic breaks and beautiful vocal chops, Troyboi layers Destiny’s captivating lyrics over wonky, pulsating synths and a string-led bass line. The result is a quintessential Troyboi production that falls deeply into the feels and takes over the body.

No release date has been given to V!BEZ Vol 2, but we’re certainly excited for what’s to come from the Troyboi camp.