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Gorgon City releases 6-track ‘Escape Terrace Dub’ EP

Gorgon City is building off the release of their Escape LP with a six-track rework package just in time for their upcoming tour.

Over four years after their debut Sirens LP, Gorgon City had fans falling deeper into their discography with the release of their latest long play project, Escape. The sophomore offering, which landed back in August, showcased the UK-based duo’s talent for blending sultry deep house with soulful garage.

A mere two months later, they’re now following up with a new EP package that puts new spin on their well-received Escape LP. Featuring six remixes of some of the most popular singles on their second studio album, Gorgon City’s Escape Terrace Dub EP puts a club-ready touch-up on their last artistic concept. From the dark bass lines of “Kingdom” all the way to EP’s closing track in “Overdose,” it’s an undertaking that makes the continued case for Gorgon City’s unmatched tastemaking sensibilities.

The great thing about Gorgon City productions are their unique ability to muster up feelings of nostalgia for the old-school underground days of dance music lore. The Escape Terrace Dub EP does exactly that, with tracks that will have fans dancing the night into the day.


Gorgon City’s NA/UK Escape tour runs late October through February, with stops in Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, Brooklyn, Dublin, and Bristol. Tickets are on sale now.