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Mr. Carmack teases forthcoming album with full tracklist

Mr. Carmack is one artist whose always maintained a strong sense of transparency with his fans over unreleased music. From releasing all of his projects over the past three years for free, to being completely forthcoming about which artists he’s been working with in the studio, Carmack uses his straight-forward methods as a marketing tool to continually wet fans’ pallets. Such is the freedom that comes with being a self-releasing independent artist.

In keeping with this practice, Mr. Carmack has recently taken to his Instagram Story to share the first details of what looks to be his next album. He’s even gone as far as to reveal the entire tracklist (including credits) for a 13-track project he’s tentatively calling Album #1.

Featuring collaborations with Duckwrth, Connor Pearson, Danny McKinnon, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, the entire album appears to be in the track organization phase of its production. Details over an official release date have yet to come, but fans of Carmack can count on the album being a form of high artistic expression.

carmack insta story album tease