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Soundcloud partners with Dubset to give DJ’s rights clearances

SoundCloud is making quite the case for their clout in the music streaming wars. Over the past week alone, the German streaming platform has announced new integrations with Instagram Stories and DJ softwares that allow mixing straight from the internet to the decks, along with it’s new monetization program, called Premier.

Now Soundcloud is partnering with rights clearance startup Dubset to clear remixes faster and enable monetization for creators and rights holders. Dubset is a technological go-between that lets artists clear the rights to copyrighted material owned by music labels.

“SoundCloud is where content creators live. It is the most important platform on the planet for creators and the ultimate partner for Dubset,” Dubset CEO Stephen White said in a statement. “Mixes and remixes not only establish incremental new revenue for artists and composers, they have proven over and over to be powerful music discovery growth tools, consistently driving growth in plays of the original track as well. We are very excited to bring Dubset’s clearance capabilities to SoundCloud’s users.”

As a company who aligns itself with independent creators, Soundcloud has run into problems with copyright infringement and appropriately compensating artists. The new partnership is a huge leap forward toward ensuring original creators get paid while still allowing bootleg remixes, mashups, and original tracks that use unlicensed samples to flourish on the platform.