After more than two months, the world is still reeling from Mac Miller‘s untimely death. From countless fans taking to social media to express their sadness daily, to a recent Mac Miller Benefit Concert taking place in Los Angeles, with performances by Chance The Rapper, Travis Scott, SZA, Miguel, and more, what the world needs is closure.

A bit of that closure may come in the form of a toxicology report from the LA County Coroner’s Office, which ruled Miller’s death an “accidental overdose” due to “mixed drug toxicity.” The drugs in question? A deadly mix of fentanyl, alcohol, and cocaine, TMZ reported.

Read the full report below:

Mac’s assistant found him unresponsive on his bed in a “praying position” — kneeling forward with his face resting on his knees. The assistant described him as already being “blue” during the 911 call.

There was a 1/4-inch abrasion on the bridge of his nose, and there was blood coming out of one nostril.

An empty bottle of alcohol was found on the nightstand, near Mac’s body … and a bottle of prescription pills was found in the bathroom. The list of pills recovered in the home include Xanax, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and generic Adderall.

Cops found a rolled-up $20 bill with white powdery residue in Mac’s right pocket — and an iPad in his home studio had “linear white powdery residue” on it. There were also 2 baggies found with the white powder. 

We’re told the amount of each drug was not necessarily a lethal amount, but the combination is what killed him.


Written by Ryan Morse

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