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Hotel Garuda releases first solo single since Manila Killa’s departure

Hotel Garuda may have announced their split just after Electric Forest, but that didn’t Aseem Mangaokar from continuing the moniker’s legacy alone. He’s already released a remix of Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato’s track “Solo.”

Now Mangaokar is at the helm of the Hotel Garuda project with his newest original title in “One Reason,” marking his first solo original track since Manila Killa‘s departure. Features vocals from producer Imad Royal and rising R&B artist Kiah Victoria, the track is a sultry duetted dance ballad, with unique vocal chops, smooth harmonies, infectious house beats, and on hell of a catchy hook. The song juxtaposes a unique interplay of lyrics between both vocalists, inspiring not only an introspective look into the music, but a new chapter for the now-solo producer.