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Tipper & Liquid Stranger to deliver rare sets at three day NYE event, Coalesce

Fate may just be coming to fruition for fans of the West Coast bass music underground.

From the minds of Denver-based indie production company, Cosmic Synery, in partnership with The Untz, Envisioned Arts, and many more, comes an event that is turning heads and changing New Year’s Eve destinations.

Introducing: Coalesce, a three-day event will take over The Craneway Pavilion in the San Francisco Bay area, December 29-31.

The event boasts a Tipper double header, Liquid Stranger‘s only downtempo set of the year, Amon Tobin’s alter ego Two Fingers, and the first Spoonbill set on the West Coast in more than a decade. The bill also features top tier support from Jade Cicada, Detox Unit, a Slugwife appearance from Kursa b2b ??? b2b ???, and bioLumigen, Duffrey, and kLL sMTH‘s muddy three-piece match-up, Ultrasloth.

Not enough jaw-dropping artists to get you to book your flight? Then look no further than Coalesce’s undercard, which dons BogTroTTeR, Sixis, Frequent, Andreilen, Hoobaloo, and many more cutting-edge bass acts.

If those auditory maestros weren’t enough to blast your psyche off into the cosmos, then also take a gander at Coalesce’s visual artists. With live painting by Alex & Allyson GreyAPEX CollectiveSpectraleyes, and visual production by every psychedelic VJ from Fractaled Visions and Carey Thompson to b1n4ryPickles, and Datagramma, the event is truly about the energy of the world falling into place as it should.

Early Worm and Early Bird passes are already sold out, but Tier One tickets are still on sale.

If nothing else, the folks behind Coalesce proves they have a finger on the pulse of the progressive, psychedelic, and experimental sides of electronic music.