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Check out Excision’s newly launched Artist Spotlight series

Excision may be the gold standard for dubstep artists around the US. When the Canadian dubstep producer introduced his two-hour Lost Lands 2018 mix, fans were exposed to the full gambit of hard-hitting dubstep. The mix was a studio remastered version of his night one set in Ohio’s Legend Valley this past September.

The mix was received with overwhelming praise by Excision’s loyal legion of head bangers. So much so that the dubstep pioneer took to Facebook to thank his fans with tremendous gratitude. But Jeff Abel is a giver. So that gratitude came in the form of another gift to head bangers.

Abel now introduces a self-curated artist spotlight series for rising artists in bass music. The first entry showcases Wooli, who joined Excision at Bass Canyon, Lost Lands, and Paradox at the Rocks. Excision spoke candidly on his favorite Wooli tracks, his newest Mammoth EP, and shared links to his streaming channels. 

It’s a wonderfully altruistic thing when established artists grant promising young talent a platform to showcase their talents and hard work. Jeff Abel may have hit the top, but he certainly shows no signs of slowing down. As Abel continues breaking new barriers, the unique spotlight series offers artists who share his sonic stamp an entry step on his ladder to the top.