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MTV acquires SnowGlobe Music Festival, announces plans for massive expansion

Make some room, Live Nation. MTV is dipping its toes into the live music market space.

MTV may have stepped outside of music video culture a long time ago, but there’s no doubt they’ve mastered television. Now the “reality TV”-focused channel is stepping into a new dominion altogether. The Viacom subsidiary announced in press release that they’ve acquired the SnowGlobe Music Festival, although terms of the deal have been disclosed to the public quite yet.

The ultimate goal, according to MTV, is to expand the SnowGlobe brand across the globe by making it a multi-date, multi-location event. The first step is to re-invent its New Year’s Eve coverage by connecting SnowGlobe with MTV’s Times Square studio in New York.

“With SnowGlobe, MTV is taking the natural next step in its resurgence by expanding deeper into live events, as we continue to reach our fans and capitalize on our strong brand in new ways,” said MTV President Chris McCarthy in an official statement. “In a festival space where many events have become indistinguishable, SnowGlobe stands out with a unique mix of music, sports, and art that makes it a favorite among artists and its growing audience.”

SnowGlobe’s eighth edition takes place this December 29-31, with headliners in Above & BeyondDiploEric PrydzREZZ, and RL Grime, and more than 40 artists spread across three stages. Held in South Lake Tahoe, California, Snowglobe is already one of electronic music’s premiere NYE events. The acquisition also serves as a bold economic statement that MTV sees the future of music in the electronic dance music realm.