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Amtrac takes on vocals for newest single, ‘Madness to Mayhem’

Kentucky-raised, and LA-based, Amtrac has been pushing his creative limits as a producer, DJ, musician, and sometimes-vocalist since 2008. Lured into the world of dance music by crossover acts such as The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, his 2010 debut Came Along LP featured songwriting chops, along with post-punk influences and an indie dance charm.

Now Amtrac has released his second original single of the year in “Madness to Mayhem,” following “Old Times” earlier this spring. Never content to settle, Amtrac’s musical mood and influences change with each passing season. That’s supremely obvious when looking to the stark contrasts between his only two releases of 2018. Padded by warm keys, a catchy 4×4 kick pattern, and lo-fi vinyl record aesthetic, “Madness to Mayhem” sees Amtrac’s comforting vocals as the perfect winter backdrop.

Taken together, both tracks are a small taste of things to come from Amtrac as he finishes working on his second album, which will land some time next year on his own imprint, Openers. In addition, his 2019 album is said to be accompanied by another live tour.